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Re: Installation failure using debian-31r2-i386-binary-1.iso


Every CD image has checksums available from the download site to make
sure it's been downloaded correctly.  Don't know how to obtain the
checksums via BitTorrent, but the checksum for the 3.1r2 release is
available at:


Create a checksum of your CD image using winmd5sum, winmd5, or
filecheckmd5 (the first three that popped up in Google--winmd5sum is
open-source) and compare it to the checksum you downloaded.  This should
tell you if your CD image is corrupted or not.

Alternatively, there's an option in the install CD to verify CD
integrity.  At the boot prompt, type 'expert26', then hit enter.  Scroll
down the list of options until you find the 'Verify Install CD' (or
something close) option.

Good luck!


Chuck Pergiel wrote:
> Downloaded debian-31r2-i386-binary-1.iso using BitTorrent. Burned a CD using
> NERO. Boot from the CD, start going through installation, get an error:
>  [!!] Load Installer Components from CD
> There was a problem reading data from the CDROM. ...
> Retrying does not help, washing the CD does not help.
> If there was someway to verify the CD, I could try that, but I have not
> found one. And then, even if verification found no errors, how do I know the
> file I have is any good? Bit Torrent claimed it downloaded fine.
> Don't recommend any Linux tools. All I have running right now are Windows
> machines. I am trying to get one box running Linux, so far without much
> luck.
> ccp

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