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Re: fsck on ext3, lost files

Gary Parker wrote:

> Some of the jpg files are corrupted.  Interestingly gimp displays a preview of
> the images in the open dialog box, but won't open them.  Any ides on how to
> salvage corrupt jpg images?

Thumbnail can be saved inside JPEG file as Exif data, so GIMP is
probably displaying it, not the actual image. But my knowledge on this
is rather limited, so I make no claims.

> I have posted a sample image and screenshots of the gimp screens at:

I looked at the file and it seems to be damaged pretty badly. It
contains large chunks of data that contain nothing but zeros and chunks
that seem to be leftovers of other files.

I am not aware of any way to recover such files, but I am not saying
there is none. People that deal with digital photography should know better.

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