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Re: fsck on ext3, lost files

Linas Žvirblis <0x0007 <at> gmail.com> writes:
> You did mount it read-only as in...
>    mount -o ro /dev/disk /mnt/location
> ...did not you?

I didn't think of that. I had a line in fstab to mount the partition
automatically with defaults.  I have since removed that line.

> The "testdisk" package, I have already mentioned contains a tool called
> "PhotoRec" [1] that might just do the trick. There is also "foremost"
> package that may be useful.

THANKS!  photorec did the trick.  I have now recovered most of the files I
hadn't backed up.  photorec is impressive in that it recovers much more than
image files.

Some of the jpg files are corrupted.  Interestingly gimp displays a preview of
the images in the open dialog box, but won't open them.  Any ides on how to
salvage corrupt jpg images?

I have posted a sample image and screenshots of the gimp screens at:
 7628.jpg                05-Jun-2006 10:28   732k  
 gimp_message.jpg        05-Jun-2006 10:38    31k  
 gimp_preview.jpg        05-Jun-2006 10:20    67k  

Gary Parker
Cayuse, OR

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