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What is in openoffice.org-core04u?

In my continuing effort to remove as much of KDE and GNOME as possible from my system, I have come across scite to replace kate, and galculator to replace kcalc. Since I only use konqueror to read html documentation, dillo can replace that. That would appear to be all that I really need to replace. A simple apt-get --purge remove libarts1 seems to be the best way top then purge all of KDE at one blow, but it also wants to remove openoffice.org-core04u.

Apt-cache depends shows openoffice.org-core04u as being dependant on kdelibs4, which is, of couse, dependant on libarts1. I have OpenOffice 2 installed from the tarball at openoffice.org, and then converted using alien. Apt is not showing anything else from oo.o that is to be removed. Is this file just for compatibility with KDE? Can I safely remove it without making a mess of OO.o, as long as I am not running KDE?

I have Googled the file, but have not found anything that seemed useful.

Any help will be appreciated.

Marc Shapiro

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