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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

On Friday 02 June 2006 15:00, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Paul Johnson wrote:
> > OK, stay in the regressive hellhole you live in and avoid infecting
> > Oregon, then.
>     What you call regressive I call fair, equitable and just.  None of
> which the hellhole you live in can claim.

That's fair.  OTOH, we don't want people moving here, just spend money and 
remember to go home when your done visiting.

> >>     Environmental issues are a joke.
> >
> > Spilled gasoline creates groundwater and air pollution.  Even the EPA
> > says this.
>     Yes, and the near minimum wage workers don't spill at all, do they?

Usually not without help.  Last time I saw a gas station spill here, the guy 
ahead of me drove off with the hose.

> > Vancouver, WA self service prices as of this morning:  $3.209/gal
> > Portland, OR mini-service prices as of this morning:  $2.899/gal
> >
> > Hmm, which is cheaper again?
>     And you're sure that's the only factor?

The gas station closest to me is managed buy a guy who runs self-serve 
stations in neighboring Clark County, WA, too.  He said he even tried opening 
mini-serve stations because he wanted to save on insurance and undercut the 
competition, but was forced to go self-serve there because for some reason, 
Clark County drivers are more interested in paying much higher prices for gas 
to do his job for him.

> > Yes, because otherwise they sprawl like Los Angeles, the greater evil.
>     Uh-huh.  Having been in both I far prefer LA to NY, thanks.

Oh, yeah, pave the earth, because it's only gotta be around until you're dead, 

> > No, I mean overall.  Overemphasis on the freeway and lack of efficient
> > public transit have dragged most of this continent to a standstill.
>     Yes, well, not like public transportation would help in that matter, it
> makes it worse.  Like I said, 2 hours to go what I can go 30 minutes on my
> motorcycle and that's in a city without major traffic problems and
> construction on two of the three freeways in it.  In any other large city
> there is no way I would even be able to get to work from home in even 2
> hours on public transportation.  Given the size of this nation we're doing
> quite well when it comes to transportation.  The only problem are people
> who harp on public transportation even though, time and again, it has
> failed.

Maybe if you're in a state that lets you wrecklessly zip between lanes on a 
motorcycle.  Everywhere else motorcycles are just as stuck as the rest of 

> > Save for Amtrak, which is the postal service for when you need to ship a
> > warm body, name one.
>     Sorry, no exceptions allowed.  I rest my case.

It's a good thing people like you usually don't get much heed on this 
continent politically...

Paul Johnson
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