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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Paul Johnson wrote:
> OK, stay in the regressive hellhole you live in and avoid infecting Oregon, 
> then.

    What you call regressive I call fair, equitable and just.  None of which
the hellhole you live in can claim.

>>     Environmental issues are a joke.

> Spilled gasoline creates groundwater and air pollution.  Even the EPA says 
> this.

    Yes, and the near minimum wage workers don't spill at all, do they?

>>     Speed?  Hardly, last time I was in 
>> Oregon it took me longer to gas up my car than it did outside.

> Unique situation.

    I'd call it fairly common if you're talking about lines at all since I
haven't seen a line at a gas station in the years prior and years since.

> Vancouver, WA self service prices as of this morning:  $3.209/gal
> Portland, OR mini-service prices as of this morning:  $2.899/gal

> Hmm, which is cheaper again?

    And you're sure that's the only factor?

> Yes, because otherwise they sprawl like Los Angeles, the greater evil.

    Uh-huh.  Having been in both I far prefer LA to NY, thanks.

> No, I mean overall.  Overemphasis on the freeway and lack of efficient public 
> transit have dragged most of this continent to a standstill.

    Yes, well, not like public transportation would help in that matter, it
makes it worse.  Like I said, 2 hours to go what I can go 30 minutes on my
motorcycle and that's in a city without major traffic problems and
construction on two of the three freeways in it.  In any other large city
there is no way I would even be able to get to work from home in even 2 hours
on public transportation.  Given the size of this nation we're doing quite
well when it comes to transportation.  The only problem are people who harp on
public transportation even though, time and again, it has failed.

> Save for Amtrak, which is the postal service for when you need to ship a warm 
> body, name one.

    Sorry, no exceptions allowed.  I rest my case.

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