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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

On Friday 02 June 2006 13:11, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Paul Johnson wrote:
> > If good ideas did spread, sales tax would be unconstitutional in more
> > than Oregon and New Hampshire,
>     Uh, sales tax is better than the alternative which is the income tax
> which, correct me if I'm wrong, Oregon has.  I much prefer my state of no
> income tax and a sales tax, thanks.

OK, stay in the regressive hellhole you live in and avoid infecting Oregon, 

> > self-service gasoline would be banned for environmental, speed, cost and
> > safety reasons
>     Environmental issues are a joke.

Spilled gasoline creates groundwater and air pollution.  Even the EPA says 

>     Speed?  Hardly, last time I was in 
> Oregon it took me longer to gas up my car than it did outside.

Unique situation.

> And last 
> time I was there in an 18-wheeler they still self-served their own fuel. 

If they have a cardlock card, yes, they can, because they're technically also 
an employee of the gas station then.

> Cost? Let's see, I know have to pay for several lackeys to pump my gas for
> me and that is supposed to *lower* prices?  Haha, you funny.

Vancouver, WA self service prices as of this morning:  $3.209/gal
Portland, OR mini-service prices as of this morning:  $2.899/gal

Hmm, which is cheaper again?

> > more than Oregon and Illinois would have regional governments and
> > urban growth boundaries,
>     And this is good, how, exactly?  You want all cities to be as pack as
> NY?

Yes, because otherwise they sprawl like Los Angeles, the greater evil.

> > cities other than Portland, Seattle and New York
> > would have the kind of transportation infrastructure that isn't an
> > expensive joke,
>     By this I presume you mean public which is in and of itself a complete
> joke.  Yeah, 2 hours to get the same distance as it takes me 30 minutes on
> my motorcycle.

No, I mean overall.  Overemphasis on the freeway and lack of efficient public 
transit have dragged most of this continent to a standstill.

> > airlines would have to compete against ground transportation
> > with their own money, not tax dollars.
>     About the only good idea right there.  Of course it isn't like ground
> transportation isn't using tax money as well.

Save for Amtrak, which is the postal service for when you need to ship a warm 
body, name one.

Paul Johnson
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