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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Paul Johnson wrote:
> That's fair.  OTOH, we don't want people moving here, just spend money and 
> remember to go home when your done visiting.

    How about I just gas up on the Cali line and spend all the exhaust in your
craphole on the way to Washington where I'll gas up on the other side of that
line.  :P

> Usually not without help.  Last time I saw a gas station spill here, the guy 
> ahead of me drove off with the hose.

    Wow, last time I saw a spill was... uhm... wait... oh right, never.

> Oh, yeah, pave the earth, because it's only gotta be around until you're dead, 
> right?

    Nope, don't pave the earth.  On the other hand it isn't like there is a
huge amount of land around here.  At the population density of NY the entire
population of the world could fit inside Texas with room to spare.  Even LA,
the "evil one" you were never more than an hour from countryside.  Now, my
fine ignorant friend.  Know how much contryside that is?  Well, from one ocean
to the other takes 5 days in an 18-wheeler.  I know, I've done it often
enough.  And most of that time is not spent in urban centers or even in urban
periphery.  It's spent in the countryside.  Maybe if you spent a little more
time traveling and a little less time trying to tell other people how to live
you'd grasp that.

> Maybe if you're in a state that lets you wrecklessly zip between lanes on a 
> motorcycle.  Everywhere else motorcycles are just as stuck as the rest of 
> traffic.

    Pst, Nevada, no lane splitting.  I was referring to my daily commute to
work and the time it takes my coworkers to travel the same distance via public
and company supplied bus.  You know, Paul, you'd think that me mentioning no
income tax would've clued you in.

>>> Save for Amtrak, which is the postal service for when you need to ship a
>>> warm body, name one.
>>     Sorry, no exceptions allowed.  I rest my case.

> It's a good thing people like you usually don't get much heed on this 
> continent politically...

    Really?  You mean someone who can form an argument without having to
resort to exceptions to prop it up.

    Where airlines compete with ground transportation without tax dollars....
oh, except for trains... which are on the ground... and use tax dollars.

    Want to know my other favorite one of yours?  The constant whining about
California's power and yet you're a self proclaimed socialist.  Gee, if they
need it shouldn't you provide it?  Isn't that one of the baselines of
socialism.  Oh, right "Except when it's a state I hate."

    Like I said, move to Canada if you admire it so.  Tired of nits like you
screwing up this nation with your idiocy and doublethink.

         Steve C. Lamb         | But who decides what they dream?
       PGP Key: 8B6E99C5       |   And dream I do...

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