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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Paul Johnson wrote:
> If good ideas did spread, sales tax would be unconstitutional in more than 
> Oregon and New Hampshire,

    Uh, sales tax is better than the alternative which is the income tax
which, correct me if I'm wrong, Oregon has.  I much prefer my state of no
income tax and a sales tax, thanks.

> self-service gasoline would be banned for environmental, speed, cost and 
> safety reasons

    Environmental issues are a joke.  Speed?  Hardly, last time I was in
Oregon it took me longer to gas up my car than it did outside.  And last time
I was there in an 18-wheeler they still self-served their own fuel.  Cost?
Let's see, I know have to pay for several lackeys to pump my gas for me and
that is supposed to *lower* prices?  Haha, you funny.

> more than Oregon and Illinois would have regional governments and
> urban growth boundaries,

    And this is good, how, exactly?  You want all cities to be as pack as NY?

> cities other than Portland, Seattle and New York 
> would have the kind of transportation infrastructure that isn't an expensive 
> joke,

    By this I presume you mean public which is in and of itself a complete
joke.  Yeah, 2 hours to get the same distance as it takes me 30 minutes on my

> it would be absolutely unthinkable to have critical infrastructure like
> transit, electric, phone, water, sewer and garbage to be owned by a private 
> company, 

    Just as it is unthinkable to have such things in the hands if inept
governments, which by definition, most devolve into.

> airlines would have to compete against ground transportation
> with their own money, not tax dollars.

    About the only good idea right there.  Of course it isn't like ground
transportation isn't using tax money as well.

> And people actually have to ask me why I think the Oregon Territory (Oregon, 
> Washington, ~Idaho) needs to secede and undergo a velvet revolution or become 
> Canada's 14th province.

    You could, uhm, just move there.  I know you want to carry everyone on
your back but, really, why not just take care of yourself first and leave
everyone else to their own devices.  I know that's an alien concept to you but
just try.

> [1] <rant> I can do my taxes online. I can renew my car registration online. I 
> can request a new address for my driver's license online. I can reserve a 
> campsite at any state park in Oregon online. I can register for unemployment 
> and apply for almost any job in the state, public or private, through the 
> state's website.  I'm even required under atrociously excessive penalty of 
> law to go to sss.gov register to be part of a draft to commit atrocities 
> against my will in a foreign land without body armor or adequate training.  
> So why not something as basic as vote?

    Simple reason.  In all the other cases you're either paying money or need
to show up in person.  Voting you're doing neither.

    Frankly if someone wanted to pay my car's registration for me I'll let
'em.  Kinda hard to abuse that.

    Campground you have to show up, unemployment, show up, apply for jobs,
show up, serve in the military, show up.  So if someone does do any of those
for you they would be hard pressed to pass the in person check.

    Vote, neither.  You're neither paying for someone else or showing up in
person to validate the on-line item.  So if someone else votes for you the
second check is a whole lot harder to perform.

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