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Re: question

On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 10:11:56PM +0200, Matus C wrote:
> Hi,
> / when I am starting my pc I have always options between booting up 
> windows and kernel 2.6.7... , so I am sure it is kernel /

That's just the kernel used in the system.  The OS is still called
> >Could you type exactly what you see on the screen ?
> >Is it a white on black:
> So, the screen is black and white.It looks like a MS-DOS 
> >  Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 <hostname> tty 1
> Yes, I checked it, there is exactly written Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 coma tty 1 

Standard console login screen.  nothing to worry about.

> / coma is root /

I'm not sure what you mean by this?  'coma' is the name of your box.

> There is also written coma login :
> I typed there matus / what is actaully ordinary user / and it asked me 
> for a password. After checkig password it waits, the coursor blinks.

Logged in.  Good.

> I typed there "dpkg --help" and I found that statement "dselect".

My personal favorite tool.  I'm sure others will tell you differently ;)

> Then it showed me summary: firstly it was a group of packages I have 
> already installed and then it was a group of packages i havent installed 
> yet.

That's normal -- don't try to install all the packages though, many
conflict with each other.

> Then i tried to install packages , but it didnt work because it was needed 
> that I was a root / I dont know hot to login as a root /. 

after 'login: ' you type 'root' and after 'password: ' you type whatever
password you've assigned root.  You did that in the beginning, when you
installed.  If you don't remember what you set, there are ways to reset
it using your debian install CD w/out re-installing.

> Is this right 
> way to complete installation of debian ?

It's how I did it.  After you get the packages you want, I would suggest
installing 'sudo' and reading the docs in /usr/share/doc/sudo/ (eg.
'less /usr/share/doc/sudo/README.Debian'

> >Or is it a more graphical login screen ?
> >Would you want to have a grafical screen ?
> I want to have more graphical screen... I was surfing on intenet and I
> saw that it should look like windows...I mean... it should have nice
> wallpaper on the background and control panel etc.is it possible on
> Debian ?

Yes.  Once you log in as root and enter 'dselect' -- find and install
'x-window-system' and an WM ('gnome' or 'kde' are popular).

Christopher Nelson -- chris@cavein.org
When it is incorrect, it is, at least *authoritatively* incorrect.
                -- Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy

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