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/ when I am starting my pc I have always options between booting up windows and kernel 2.6.7... , so I am sure it is kernel /

>Could you type exactly what you see on the screen ?
>Is it a white on black:

So, the screen is black and white.It looks like a MS-DOS 

>  Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 <hostname> tty 1

Yes, I checked it, there is exactly written Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 coma tty 1 / coma is root /
There is also written coma login :
I typed there matus / what is actaully ordinary user / and it asked me for a password. After checkig password it waits, the coursor blinks.
I typed there "dpkg --help" and I found that statement "dselect".Then it showed me summary: firstly it was a group of packages I have already installed and then it was a group of packages i havent installed yet.Then i tried to install packages , but it didnt work because it was needed that I was a root / I dont know hot to login as a root /. Is this right way to complete installation of debian ?

>Or is it a more graphical login screen ?

>Would you want to have a grafical screen ?
I want to have more graphical screen... I was surfing on intenet and I saw that it should look like windows...I mean... it should have nice wallpaper on the background and control panel etc.is it possible on Debian ?


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