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Re: Recommendations for Low Resource System

On Wednesday 31 May 2006 16:11, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Hal Vaughan wrote:
> > I understand someone has written up a config file (forgot what the
> > special setting files are called) for screen writing formatting on
> > emacs, but, as I said, when I'm writing, I'm in a different mode,
> > and I just can't remember all the keystroke commands.  It's hard to
> > explain, but I can use vi or other console editors and have no
> > issue while programming, but once I switch gears and start writing
> > fiction, my brain works completely differently.  It must be a left
> > brain/right brain thing.
>     Ok, maybe I'm way off base here but why not take a different
> tact.  Why not come up with a text based shorthand you can use (kinda
> like Wiki-style), throw something together in Python/Perl/Ruby to
> parse it out and reformat for later importation into OOo?  That way
> you can skip the GUI completely and also don't need to remember
> keystrokes, only your formatting shorthand.
>     Of course, this is just really a pared down idea of what $EDITOR
> + LaTeX would offer but it is what I would do as I do prefer text
> editing of all types in vim, know Python/Perl and don't know LaTeX. 
> :)

That's a good idea and I've been considering it.  The issue is one of 
habit.  I haven't used Abiword in a while, but I know the main 
controls, like CTRL-S for save, cut, copy, and paste, will all be the 
same.  Ideally I want the keystrokes on the Amity to be as close to 
possible as they are on the other system.

I won't know until I get it all setup, but I may end up doing something 
close to this, like using GEdit, and just using a shorthand for some 
indents, like ^1 for the wide margins, which, back when I used Word 
Perfect, was CTRL-1 for the macro.

I've also considered something like that for emacs to handle formatting 
issues before a script is printed and just forcing myself to get used 
to it -- but while I'm doing that, the first script or two would be 

I have one advantage: I'm not selling these scripts.  They're for the 
production company I'll be starting soon.  That means *I* get to define 
the format in my own, stubborn, selfish, pig-headed style. :-)


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