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Re: Recommendations for Low Resource System

On Wednesday 31 May 2006 15:04, Leonid Grinberg wrote:
> Several things:
> 1) Do not use a desktop environment (e.g GNOME, KDE). Use just a
> window manager. I personally suggest Sawfish.

My mistake, and thanks for pointing it out.  I've been using KDE so long 
I got lazy in distinguishing my terms.  Thanks for the heads up.

> 2) If Abiword will work, use it. It's nice and usable. I use Emacs
> and LaTeX myself, but if you want a WYSIWYG processor, Abiword is
> fine.

I understand someone has written up a config file (forgot what the 
special setting files are called) for screen writing formatting on 
emacs, but, as I said, when I'm writing, I'm in a different mode, and I 
just can't remember all the keystroke commands.  It's hard to explain, 
but I can use vi or other console editors and have no issue while 
programming, but once I switch gears and start writing fiction, my 
brain works completely differently.  It must be a left brain/right 
brain thing.


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