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Re: Recommendations for Low Resource System

Hal Vaughan wrote:
> I understand someone has written up a config file (forgot what the 
> special setting files are called) for screen writing formatting on 
> emacs, but, as I said, when I'm writing, I'm in a different mode, and I 
> just can't remember all the keystroke commands.  It's hard to explain, 
> but I can use vi or other console editors and have no issue while 
> programming, but once I switch gears and start writing fiction, my 
> brain works completely differently.  It must be a left brain/right 
> brain thing.

    Ok, maybe I'm way off base here but why not take a different tact.  Why
not come up with a text based shorthand you can use (kinda like Wiki-style),
throw something together in Python/Perl/Ruby to parse it out and reformat for
later importation into OOo?  That way you can skip the GUI completely and also
don't need to remember keystrokes, only your formatting shorthand.

    Of course, this is just really a pared down idea of what $EDITOR + LaTeX
would offer but it is what I would do as I do prefer text editing of all types
in vim, know Python/Perl and don't know LaTeX.  :)

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