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Re: Fonts Look Broken

On Sat, May 20, 2006 at 07:32:08PM +0200, Florian Kulzer wrote:
> The easiest fix at the moment is probably downgrading to the version
> from testing (2.1.10-3) and waiting for the next update to the package.
> That's what I ended up doing on my laptop.

Uh, any Debian-packaged libfreetype6 later than 2.1.7 has significant
rendering bugs.  For some reason, when the broken 2.1.10 was uploaded to
unstable by the previous maintainer, the decision was made to force the
broken version into testing, rather than reverting to the one that worked.

Just another in the long list of reasons I haven't allowed my box to update
any part of X in a very long time.

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