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Re: Fonts Look Broken

On Sat, May 20, 2006 at 11:11:51 +0200, Sigmund Scheinbar wrote:
> Sigmund Scheinbar wrote:
> > I did /not/ change any of my font settings. The strange thing is that in
> > kdm the fonts look fine as usual.
> I've made a little screenshot to show you what I tried to describe:
> http://wieland.homelinux.org/broken-fonts2.png
> For example compare the T of 'Test' and the T of 'Tools' as you may
> notice the vertical line of the T in Tools is anti-aliased although not
> necessary bc/ it is not curve / angular. I tried various
> fonts/anti-alias settings but in kcontrol but it did not help.
> wo/ sub-pixel anti-aliasing it can bee seen more clearly:
> http://wieland.homelinux.org/broken-fonts.png
> The very strange thing is that not all applications are affected by
> this: gimp and firefox look find but thunderbird and konqueror do not.

Which version of libfreetype6 are you using? ("apt-cache policy
libfreetype6") There are known issues with version 2.2.1-1, see for
example these bug reports:


I have the impression that the effects on the appearance of the fonts
also depend on the graphics driver: My desktop computer is unaffected
while my laptop is screwed up by it. (Both of them have LCD screens and
identical fontconfig settings.)

The easiest fix at the moment is probably downgrading to the version
from testing (2.1.10-3) and waiting for the next update to the package.
That's what I ended up doing on my laptop.

You could also try

dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config

Playing with these settings changes the appearance of the fonts, but I
could not really get the old look back.


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