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Re: Can I stay in testing without going etch?

Joseph Smidt wrote:
> I want to run testing for I like keeping farely leading edge software on
> my computer.  When they freeze etch can I just change my repo's from
> etch to testing and keep getting new software, or do I have to wait for
> the etch freeze to be over before testing goes back to being what
> testing currently is. 
>      I guess what I am saying is I want to run testing, getting software
> that has survived in unstable for about 10 days, but I don't want to
> stay with etch once it starts freezing and is no longer getting new
> software.  Can I do that while etch is in freeze?

I would highly recommend leaving your sources.list pointing at etch until after
the freeze is over, then point at testing.  Upgrading across releases (for that
is what will happen if you track testing) can cause some bizarre problems now
and then.

Chris Howie

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