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Re: testing upgrade = dog's breakfast

lee wrote:
> Maybe the upgrade path from stable to testing has not been settled
> yet. You may get better results with installing testing rather than
> doing an upgrade.
> Actually, my point of view is that you can be better off with testing
> when setting up a system that has to be kept up to date for years to
> come, one reason for that being the hassle of eventually sticking with
> older versions of software after an upgrade. For the last three
> servers I set up at work, I decided to use testing, and they work
> flawlessly. I'm also running it at home.
> GH
The path have been settled well, I've done sarge > etch many times with
no problem.
This guy was asked to explain his upgrade procedure and show his apt
configs as 2.4.18
really is the default 2.4 kernel with the old woody distrib. Yet he
still just cries like baby.

Well, cry off the list please! ;-)

Georgi Alexandrov

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