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Re: test

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
steef wrote:
after provider-disturbance


Please don't send test messages.  They are rather pointless.  If you are
subscribed to the list and don't get at least several dozen messages a
day, there is a problem.  If you post to the list and you don't see your
post in a few hours (also don't forget to check
http://lists.debian.org/debian-user to see if it was received) then
there is a problem.

Please don't clutter everyone's mailboxes with such nonsense.


i disagree in this case completely, roberto. had an urgent problem with two providers here and *had* to test in this way because i work for a living and had to use *zonnet* on another way. A second time in, let's say, ten years.

so: don't piss me off again or i 'll come down on you!  ha, ha.


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