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Re: testing upgrade = dog's breakfast

On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 11:35:42AM -0400, Greg Folkert wrote:

> Well, if you had installed Sarge or Etch, they would have upgraded your
> Exim v3 install to Exim v4. I've done the transition a couple of hundred
> times, it has never failed me except on a hand crafted config.

Neither Sarge, nor testing upgrade Exim3 to Exim4. Default on Sarge
was Exim3 when I installed it, default on testing is Exim4. Since the
configuration is much different between the two versions, it is _very
good_ policy that Exim3 is not upgraded unless you do it yourselfe.

A switch from lilo to grub is also not made in the upgrading process,
but that's something I would whish to have an automatic upgrade for
--- though that's probably difficult to do unless you stick to the
kernel packages from the distribution instead of making your own

You likewise get Cyrus 1.5 with Sarge. I don't know what it upgrades
to when upgrading to testing, but imho it _should_ be upgraded to a
more recent 1.5 only. Cyrus 2.x is much different from 1.5, and an
upgrade is something that is definitely to be done manually, after
reading the docs and, if possible, after having the upgrading tried
out in a testing environment on a copy of the real data.

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