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Re: Question about building a Debian package

On Friday 21 April 2006 17:35, lmyho wrote:
> Assuming I can get the same version of source files from 1) downloading the
> source from its website, 2) "apt-get source" from the debian achieve, and
> to use dpkg-buildpackage to build the binary package myself for use.  My
> question is: for the built binary package, is there any difference between
> using the source file from the debian archive to build it, and using the
> source file from its own website?

There is!

Debian packages might have some patches added to them in addition to
the upstream source code. This can be due to various reasons. Off the top of
my head, the reasons can include, (1) Disagrement between upstream and Debian
maintainer (2) Patch sent upstream not yet included in the upstream source
tree etc.,

The differences between upstream are usually stored in the .diff.gz file that
you get when you 'apt-get source' the package. The .orig.tar.gz contains the
actual upstream code.

BTW, what package+version are you working on?



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