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Question about building a Debian package

Hello All,

I have questions about building a debian package on my own:

Assuming I can get the same version of source files from 1) downloading the source
from its website, 2) "apt-get source" from the debian achieve, and to use
dpkg-buildpackage to build the binary package myself for use.  My question is: for
the built binary package, is there any difference between using the source file from
the debian archive to build it, and using the source file from its own website? 

The reason caused me to have such question is because there seem to be some kind of
debian/rules which need to apply to the source files before build the binary
package, but which I am not familiar with at all.  I would like to know what are
they and how to apply them?  My purpose just want to make the built binary package
safe and risk-free in practice and maintainable by the debian filesystem, such as
can be automatically updated (via 'apt-get update' or ?) and keep it consistent with
the system libs and other related packages always whenever the system gets updated. 

Hope I have made my question clear, but if you need any more detail please let me

Thank you very much for help!  Any advices and comments are highly appreciated.


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