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Re: lists.debian.org vs google groups

On 4/4/06, Monique Y. Mudama <...> wrote:
> On 2006-04-04, Pascal Hakim penned:
> > I'm sorry, but I don't believe you can say something is another
> > user's responsability. The last thing the listmaster team wants to
> > have to do is to go through every message that has leaked the
> > headers and deal with that. Someone's already mentioned that it
> > looks like gmail does that by default. We have a lot of gmail
> > subscribers, and that number is only going to grow.

as a matter a proof, I removed the between <> mail address myself.

>  Months later, I had filled half my
> quota, entirely with mailing list entries.  But there's no way to
> delete more than a page of messages at a time via their web interface
> (please, someone, prove me wrong!)

Either I don't get your point, or you can cimply click on "ALL",
"READ"... well I have to admit that I never tried.

For me I keep all of them in gmail. And I'm far from having filled it.
That's true that at the begining I was poping them down to my disk but
now's no longer the case since 6 months.

> Web interfaces FTL.

Sometimes as replacement they can be of some help.

But to the question that started this discussion I would emphasize on
few points that are of importance for me
1) if we have google groups in parallel as d-u list... how should the
link between them be? Should one subscribe to both to get all
messages? I fear it will be make more mess than really solve the
2) to go to gmail, or google groups (even though the only google
groups I've read would really prevent me from going there, since they
were... well let's say not well visited), that would force everybody
to go there instead of letting anyone choose its own way? I do not see
any reason to take this liberty out. (even if gmail, allows anyone to
pop messages and deal with anyway you want on your computer later, but
it is slightly more complicated).
3) company dependent... sucks
4) one reason why some people would like to post questions without
subscribing is the amount of mails (not necerraly spams) that comes
with the list. I've seen very simple/naive questions from people not
knowing too much about Debian... do they have to have questions about
how to require a "at least 64 bits integer on a amd64" while they ask
for why emacs doesn't work?
5) I definitely do not have so much spams... let's say that I have 5
spams per day, 3 are from other sources (ebay...) and 2 from Debian ML
(only one recognised by gmail) for more than 120 regular mails. I can
live with it myself.
6) What's most painful are people not able to unsubcribe properly...
and if you think that google groups will solve it, then go and re-read
1)... apparently they are clever enough to read part of it, but not
all... they would continue simply...

and btw, thx for the figures.


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