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Re: Using Ubuntu when I'm used to Debian.

Hal Vaughan wrote:
On Tuesday 04 April 2006 18:15, kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:

Hal Vaughan wrote:

Every time someone suggests something
that makes an install easier or an easier config method, there is
always hostility in this group and elsewhere.

Do you have some examples?

I've seen and watched it. While it was more true several years ago than now, I've watched that kind of ugliness pop up from time to time.

It permeates the Linux[1] world.


past 2 months. It didn't focus directly on user-friendliness, but it was a good example of the "I know hi-tech and you don't, so don't bother with Linux" attitude.

This has been a problem with UNIX[2] like operating systems from the
start. It has a cryptic command language, and many arcane facts
must be known in order properly to administer it. It breeds gurus
and guru mentality.

People who love UNIX almost universally hate operating systems with
a reasonable and well-thought out CLI, like VAX/VMS was.
The switches in VMS, if applicable, were the same for all
commands. The commands themselves were for the most part
complete words which made sense.

This contrasts markedly with the commands in UNIX,
each of which grew up in isolation from the others, and
which are usually only a couple of characters long. There
are those who love and thrive in that kind of chaos.

I am glad to see that the FSF has at last recognized that
one-letter switches instead of keyword-driven command line
parsing is a bad thing, and have started instituting common
and entire-word style options, like "--help" across the
board. This, at least, is a step forward and toward a
non-guru-only mentality.


[1] TM Linus Torvald?
[2] TM AT&T

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