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Re: Can I host a svn repository on apache-1.3?

Jim MacBaine wrote:

On 4/3/06, Roel Schroeven <rschroev_nospam_ml@fastmail.fm> wrote:

Ah, does that mean that Confixx doesn't support Apache2? That's good to

Confixx _does_ support Apache2.  But the upgrade procedure from
apache-1.2 to apache-2.0 is not trivial on a server with half a dozen
resellers and ~30 domains, half of which have some custom
configuration in the apache configuration.

But setting up another server with apache2 on another ip address _is_
trivial and it has already happened.

There's another solution for your problem: install an Apache2 server
next to the existing 1.3, and make it listen on another port. Use the
Apache2 instance only for Subversion.

This is no option. The reason is the same as for svnserve: Some of the
users sit in a universitory dorm's network with incompetent admins.
Any repository which is not accessible on port 80 or 443 will not work
for them.

I've set up the repository on a different server with apache2 and
libapache2-svn. Workes perfectly.

You're lucky, at my uni, we have access _ONLY_ via an old proxy on port 80 (So, no, it doesn't support webdav, etc)

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