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Can I host a svn repository on apache-1.3?


I've got a system running Sarge with apache 1.3 and I would like to
offer a subversion repository via webdav.  I installed the
libapache-dav package, created a directory and enabled DAV for it. 
The webdav server works well: I can access it with webdav clients
(konqueror, windows xp webfolder), I can create files, directories,
etc.  But how do I get svn to store its files there?

I tried "svn import . http://server/project-name";, but it alwas returns
"svn: The VCC property was not found on the resource"

I tried to create an svn repository on the server with svnadmin, it
did not help.  Does subversion require more than a simple webdav
server?  Unfortunately svnserve is not an option, and an upgrade to
apache2 would require a lot of work.


<Directory /var/www/project-name>
    Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch  +Indexes
    DAV on
    AuthName "projectname-svn"
    AuthType basic
    AuthUserFile /some/file/name
    Require user blah

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