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Re: macromedia flash plugin for firefox?

Ron Johnson wrote:

On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 12:10 +0100, Doofus wrote:
Sridhar M.A. wrote:

On Sun, Apr 02, 2006 at 11:20:05AM +0100, Doofus wrote:
> > > > >I've downloaded "install_flash_player_7_linux.tar.gz" from > >macromedia.com, installed Takuo's "flashplugin-nonfree" package with > >dependecies (ruby, debconf), then ran the "update-flashplugin" script. > >All as root.
 > >
 > >
 > >Nothing...
 > >
 > >The firefox browser reports "No plug-ins are installed".

 > Sorry I didn't finish properly.
> > I'm running sarge. The during installation aptitude and > update-flashplugin report: > > Setting up flashplugin-nonfree (7.0.25-5) ...
 >    I: checking http://macromedis.rediris.es/tarball/debian/ ...
 >    No new version is detected. ( = Not installed)
> > And the actual plugin file isn't on the machine anywhere. > > > I'm mystified because I got this working fine a couple of weeks ago on a > similar machine.
 > Can anyone please advise?

Not exactly an answer, but why don't you install
flashplayer-mozilla_7.0.61.0-0.1_i386.deb from ftp.nerim.net. That sets
up things correctly.

Not at all the answer I wanted but still much appreciated. After removing "flashplugin-nonfree", which conflicted, that works perfectly.

I'd love to understand why the debian system method doesn't work though. Clearly it'd be nicer to have a script you can run occasionally that checks for and installs updated plugins with little interaction. The output message above from the update-flashplugin script suggests it's decided there's already a flash player installed, but this is a newly built machine with virtually nothing done to it yet except a newly built kernel, X and WindowMaker.

Put this in your sources.list:
deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ sid main

Adjust for sid or testing as to your system needs.
# apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

You'll get flashplugin-nonfree that works perfectly.

That's what I'm running now, but I pulled the deb package down and installed it manually. I run sarge stable, and am nervous about adding third party testing or unstable entries to my sources list. Is this even advisable?

Both you and Mr Sridhar have suggested exactly the same thing, which implies to me that the sarge flashplugin-nonfree package is known to be faulty - is that the case?

Thanks for your help.

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