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Re: Netlimiter liike tool

indeed you can. trickle has several options for adjusting the detection
window and smoothing behavior.

honestly it seems to me that this train-wreck has resulted from a poorly
phrased question. "is there a netlimiter-like tool in debian" is already
proposing the solution. it seems to me that the question here is "how
can i adjust network bandwidth consumption to achieve foo?"

for me it was qos. now i've got my line saturated with bt traffic and
external services cruise along responsively. ymmv.


anoop aryal wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 March 2006 02:32 pm, Steve Lamb wrote:
>> Andreas Rippl wrote:
>>> Package: trickle
>>     First off it is really poor considering it needs to be run once per
>> application.  This would require mass editing of init.d scripts.  Secondly
>> trickle is very poor at what it does.  
>> If you tell it to limit something to 
>> 80kps and you have a 160kps line it will let that application burst to
>> 160kps for 1/2 second then cut it off completely for 1/2 second.
> can you define a finer grained timeslicing in trickle?
>> Not 
>> exactly a trickle, more like a bipolar rainstorm.  ;)

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