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Re: mucked-up locale settings in testing

On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 02:23:05PM +0000, Glenn Becker wrote:
> >Is the `locales` package installed?
> I /believe/ it is ... in aptitude, "locales" is highlighted green, is 
> marked 'ciA' in the leftmost column and is taking up 11.2 MB if I am 
> reading the display correctly.

"c" usually means a package has been installed and removed but not 
purged. "ci" means that the package has been configured and is marked 
for installation. "A" means that the package is marked to be 
automatically installed; it will be removed if no other packages depend 
on it, but that shouldn't happen with locales.

> If I run 'apt-get install locales' I get a shower of unmet dependencies, 
> mostly for kdelibs4c2a and libqt3-mt. Then at the bottom of /that/ there 
> is the interesting message:
> locales: Conflicts: base-config but 2.53.10 is to be installed
What packages depend on base-config?  The description says it can be 
removed once your system is installed.  (I'm using Ubuntu Breezy, and 
the locales package here does not show a conflict or dependency with 

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