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Re: mucked-up locale settings in testing

On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 02:23:05PM +0000, Glenn Becker wrote:
>>Is the `locales` package installed?
>I /believe/ it is ... in aptitude, "locales" is highlighted green, is
>marked 'ciA' in the leftmost column and is taking up 11.2 MB if I am
>reading the display correctly.
>If I run 'apt-get install locales' I get a shower of unmet
>dependencies, mostly for kdelibs4c2a and libqt3-mt. Then at the bottom
>of /that/ there is the interesting message:
>locales: Conflicts: base-config but 2.53.10 is to be installed

What I had to do after an upgrade from Sarge to Sid is re-install the
locales package (it was removed, and installing it conflicted with
base-config, but who cares?) then if the message from perl persists
re-run dpkg-reconfigure locales until /etc/environment looks good.

For me the following is good:

 % cat /etc/environment


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