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Re: Proposed change for subscriptions...

Tim Connors said:
> That's a good way to get your bogus opinions across.

    No, that was a way to get my frustration across since the limst managers
pretty much never show themselves on this list, especially when
discussions on list policy and procedure crop up.

> Steve: a suggestion.  Not everyone works exactly the same way as you.
> Perhaps have some flexibility.  And perhaps even change the way *you*
> work if other people aren't going to change to suit you.

    Ah, yes, I should always change and never them.  Hmmmm-mmmm.

> If you
> haven't yet worked out how to implement a filter so debian mail
> doesn't end up in your inbox, go and investigate procmail.

    Chances are I worked it out long before most people here even knew what
email was.  And procmail?  Investigated it; it's line noise masquerading
as a filter.  Maybe you should investigate exim.  You know, the default
MTA, and point out that it has filtering built into it.  Or Thunderbird,
you know, the email client in my headers, and point out it has
filtering.  I have no idea why people push others to procmail when it is
obvious they don't need it.

> Small
> quantities of spam to the list then becomes a bit of a non-issue.

    Bayesian filters; retraining; covered this already well before you posted.

Steve Lamb

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