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Re: mount previously formatted linux drive

Marty Landman wrote:
At 04:13 PM 3/4/2006, Olafur Jens Sigurdsson wrote:

Þann 2006-03-04, 15:35:43 (-0500) skrifaði Marty Landman:
> I have installed woody on hda and also mounted hdd. hdc is my cdrom and hdb > is a 250gb linux drive from an old redhat installation on this box which > has data on it I would like to keep. During the Woody install I attempted
> to mount hdb but was told that the mount point was invalid. I tried a
> variety of them.
> How can I keep the data on hdb and access it on my debian system?

Did you try to mount it with the following line?

mount -t ext2 /dev/hdb /path/to/mountpoint
(or is it a ext3 filessystem?)

If not give us the full command and the ls -l outcome of the mount

Thanks Oli. Not sure whether it is ext2 or ext3 and haven't quite completed installing the OS... still in single user mode w/o SSH available d/l'g and installing software probably till tomorrow. Will post back after that's all done.


First, I expect that the hard disk has partitions. You should mount a partition (e.g. /dev/hdb1) and not the whole disk (/dev/hdb).

Secondly. If you know the partition but don't know what kind of filesystem is on it, just use the command "file --special-file" for the partition device. My partition is saying:

# file --special-file /dev/hda2
/dev/hda2: Linux rev 1.0 ext3 filesystem data (needs journal recovery) (large files)

Now I know that it has an ext3 filesystem and I can mount it with: "mount -t etx3 /dev/hda2 /mnt"


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