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Re: Really stupid question...

Ivan Teliatnikov wrote:
On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 13:17 +0700, mslinuz wrote:
Andy Anderson wrote:

Okay, I'm sure everyone here knows how to do this
except me...

I have a server with some disk space shared using
Samba.  Each user has an account and a home share.
When a user logs in to a workstation, I'd like their
home share on the Samba server to be automatically
mounted, and then unmounted when they log off.
I'm using Gnome/GDM with Debian Sarge.  I'm sure
there is an easy way to do this that I haven't found...

Thanks for any assistance in this.

I'm sorry if I misunderstand, but after reading your mail, I have 2
1. Users use debian with gnome/gdm in the different machine and need
   to mount the share everytime they log in.
   Create a directory for mounting user share.
   Then create a file with 0700 for everyuser place in a save place :
   smbmount //serveraddress/sharedfolder /pathtomountingpoint -o
   exit 0;
   add these line to $HOME/user/.bashrc :

   if [ -f PATHTOSCRIPTFILE ]; then
   that's all.
I have about 500+ users (students). I do not like to store user
passwords as clear text in user's home directory. Is there way to go
around this. 
That's why 0700 file mask is recommended or 0500.
And have the script name not to "show up". Name it "fancybash.sh" or something
inrelated ;-)
You can find yourself the most secure way to place the script, but for
this to work it needs to be stored in a place where your user have access
into it.
But if the shared samba folder use the same authentication ( user/pwd ) for
every user, you could have root do the mount thing.

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