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Re: machine crashes with kernel panic: fatal exception in interrupt

Or is there really a kernel bug?

Replacing the network card won't solve the original problem however as there should be no networking involved, only USB file transfers.


Kevin Mark wrote:

On Thu, Feb 23, 2006 at 10:15:55AM -0600, Karen Larson wrote:
Thank you for your response and any help you can give. You undoubtedly saw my later post with a different subject of "after upgrade backups cause machine crash" which had some additional information but no respondents. I am not altogether convinced it is a kernel problem entirely as I cannot go back to the old kernel and do the backups as I once did before the upgrade. If I wanted to get a newer kernel I presume I could include testing in my sources.list and install the latest kernel-image from there. That would make the machine even more 'mixed', however.

Some other issues with this machine that may or may not be related. In kern.log, I occassionally get messages like:
kernel: BUG: dst underflow 0: f5c09580 at f8dd7c57
kernel: BUG: dst underflow 0: f5f74e80 at c022fc29
surrounded by:
kernel: icmpv6_send: addr_any/mcast source
I haven't found much googling to indicated what that is about
dst = network interface destination
icmpv6 = icmp using ipv6  with broacastor multicast source
I am not an expert but it sounds like possible issue with a network card
in this machine. Maybe replace the network card?

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