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Re: Linux Distribution Chooser

On Sunday 08 January 2006 10:30 am, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Chris Howie wrote:
> > And if that's the case then you select both of them during the install.
>     On an advanced install that's exactly what you do.
> > Except that Debian put Gnome there when all I selected was "Desktop
> > environment."  Come on, you know that Linux users tend to value
> > specificity. WHICH desktop environment?
>     Whichever you decide the first time *you* log in.
> > I would be very happy to see the tasksel setup show
> > exactly what is being installed, e.g.
> >
> > * Mail server (Exim)
> > * Web server (Apache 2)
> > * Desktop environment (X.org, KDE, Gnome)
> > * DNS server (Bind 9)
>     Tasksel is for the neophytes.  If you don't want the neophyte answers
> use the tools better geared to your experience level.
> > And really,
> > how bad can a separate option for KDE and Gnome be?
>     It's a largely unneeded question and added complexity.
> > I mean, while we're getting KDE and Gnome, why not icewm, xfce4, and
> > fluxbox?
>     Show me neophytes who are using icewm, xfce4 or fluxbox.  Generally
> what do they want "Something like Windows" as that is what they're used to.
>  The two realistic options are the default.
> > How hard can it be to give the user a choice during the install, and why
> > is that such a stupid idea according to you?
>     You are given a choice.  You just refuse to see that.

Steve, rather than defending the status quo perhaps you could bend a little 
and hear the request being made in a different light.  Having the tasksel 
options is a great feature and perhaps can be improved without adding too 
much complexity.

To me it is as if the current install process is designed to serve two extreme 
cases:  the guru and the know-nothing newbie.  Many (most?) of us are between 
those extremes.  I spent days trying to figure out how to remove Gnome and 
leave KDE in a working state.  When I gave up that approach, I tried the guru 
install thinking I'd avoid having to mess with Gnome at all and just get KDE 
installed, but the number and detail of the questions presented was just too 
overwhelming.  I never found a combinations of settings that worked.  
(Strangely, I would have preferred just Gnome and no KDE; but KDE ran fine 
and Gnome was unstable.  I still don't know why).  



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