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Mac OS X and Debian Linux LAN research.

Mac OS X and Debian Linux LAN research.

I am currently doing the Google shuffle and am posting this to try to make sure I don't miss something important.

I recently expunged Windoze from the PC on my LAN and installed Debian Etch (testing, kernal 2.6.12-1-686, Gnome desktop) GNU Linux (I feel so much cleaner now :-) My eventual goal is to do ObjC/Cocoa type cross-platform software development using GNUstep.

Preparation though involves getting the now isolated Linux box back on my LAN. Two considerations are file sharing (of course) and capturing system images of the Linux system in my Mac restoration strategy. On the Linux box one of my backup techniques is Mondo for bootable DVD system images, and the other is g4l (ghost for linux) with which I can clone to a local HD and/or image the Linux system to another system via ftp (vsftp suggested by g4l).

There are two internal 80GB HDs on the Linux box, and two internal 250GB HDs plus several external 250GB HDs (used for alternating clones) on my PMac G5.

I'm thinking NFS or ? and strictly avoiding Samba/NetWare/anything windoze related.

Any pointers and opinions would be greatly appreciated :-)

Thank You,

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