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Re: Trouble LVM: pvcreate to usb disk managed by udev


In article <[🔎] 871wzlnkgl.fsf@athene.jamux.com>,
           John A. Martin<jam@jamux.com> wrote:
> I can mount /dev/vg1/test and do df.  I can umount it, mount it, do
> df.  If I unmount it then unplug the USB and plug it in again I cannot
> mount it again until after I reboot!

Have you re-run the vgscan again? Is the USB even detecting the disk? I've
had all sorts of problems with USB and firewire where the disk disappears. I
think you have to start fiddling around with unloading and reloading various
USB / SCSI modules to get it to work again...


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