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Re: setting up the text-console on a compaq presario 2100 laptop

Sorry for not being specific enough.

when I sad "a bit small" I was talking about the part of the screen used
by the console -- alredy from booting. That is getty is  not
responsible, but I now recalls, that the problem also exits when Windows
fails to boot.

I'll just take a look at the settings in the BIOS.

I am not sure I understood you correctly, but maybe you want to read "svga.txt" in kernel documentation. If this is what you are looking for, please also read the docs in "fb", especially "fb/fbcon.txt" and "fb/vesafb.txt".

You might need to install a kernel-doc package to find these files. They will be in either "linux-doc" or "kernel-doc" at "/usr/share/doc".

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