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Re: OT: Subscribed addresses with auto-reply anti-spam systems

Scott Muir wrote:
I'm just sort of watching this thread casually, so I don't have all the
facts... But is that stopping me?  Noooo.


I have gotten the spam message in the past too, and I suspect I'll get it
for this one too.  I have no desire to validate my email address on their
system either.


It sounds like someone sent out a test emailing to all the subscribers to
see who the "offender" is, and I don't know what the result of that test
was.  I also know nothing of what kind of access the maintainers have to the
list software but I have some ideas.

I know of no such event. There *was* an attempt by one subscriber,
using mined e-mail addresses, to find the culprit, but to no
avail. AFAIK, nothing has been done by the list manager(s) to
ascertain who be the culprit(s).

I am thinking if the test email didn't produce any results, the address it
was sent from was probably pre-validated.

Not likely. More likely, the list of addresses was incomplete.

Regardless, if this is going to become a popular problem, is there any
chance that the list software could send an additional email from a
non-debian.org address to new people as they subscribe to weed them out?

It is desirable that whoever is the culprit now be weeded out, and
such as you describe be done in future. However, this seems not to
be part of the list manager(s) agenda.

Is there something written in the "policy page" which identifies this as
abuse of the list and allows kicking people off the list?

Even if it were, one would need to ascertain who the cuprit(s) be, and
the list manager(s) seem not to be interested in that.

I'll post another note if i don't get the antispam message for this note.

OR is this problem: person A posts, List sends note to person B, person B
automatically forwards on to person C and person C sends the antispam thing
back to person A?

I dunno about "person", but substitute "address B" and "address C" and
you've pretty much got it.

As a final suggestion, if these people can be identified, would putting them
into digest mode help the problem?

A worthy thought.

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