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Re: How to play these files on Debian (Sarge)

On Dec 29 2005, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> Xine seems to actually be doing the job, at least with the w32codec
> installed.  (I will try it w/o the codec tomorrow.)  So far it is the
> only player that is playing a .mov file.  How does it do on other file
> types (RealAudio, MPEG, mp3, OGG, other Quicktime formats, etc)?

I'd just say that you should give mplayer a try.

Especially the version neatly packaged by Christian Marillat, it seems
work beautifully for anything that I have tried. And, BTW, you can get
it to be hooked into mozilla by installing mozilla-mplayer (already in
Debian, but in contrib instead of main).

I have contributed some code to both xine and mplayer and, while mplayer
code is a mess (or, at least, it was the last time I tried to
contribute), it gets the job done.

Well, xine isn't bad, but at the time that I contributed some code, it
had a much cleaner design, but didn't work with as many file types, but
since they share a lot of code, I wouldn't be surprised if xine worked
today with all the formats that mplayer does.

One "winning" thing that mplayer has and that xine doesn't is that it
can output the decoded video in formats that I can easily convert to
DVDs or (S)VCDs.

Together with mjpegtools, this combo is quite nice.

Hope this helps, Rogério Brito.

P.S.: If you can get away without using the non-free w32codecs, then it
would be better.
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