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Re: How to play these files on Debian (Sarge)

On 12/30/05, Robert Glueck <rglk1@web.de> wrote:
> I just ran a couple of tests on
> my media players using common media formats.  Here are the
> results:
>                  mov     avi     wmv     rm      mpg   mp3
> Xine          yes      yes     yes       no       yes    yes

I use xine with rm files/streams all the time.  Xine cares about
whether files are in the path for win32 codecs or Real codecs.  I'm
not sure what happens if you put both in the same directory, but
you'll certainly have to specify both directories.  BTW, I'm running
sid, xine 0.99.3, and using the RealPlayer8 codecs.

Michael A. Marsh

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