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Re: New post install tidbits?

Chinook wrote:

Old thread was getting a little cluttered :-)

I'm back to a KDE GUI at the desired resolutions. Thanks for all your help.

"But the picky ol fart must not be happy yet" your thinking :-)

Yep, I have the session KDE GUI the way I want it, but I get there from a Gnome login screen and I can't shutdown from such without entering the root password.

Install kdm instead of gdm. Configure kdm to allow users to shutdown. This can be done as follows.

kcontrol -> Index -> System Administration -> Login Manager -> Administrator Mode -> enter root password in the pop up window -> select shutdown tab -> Allow Shutdown -> Local -> Choose the option "Everybody" -> ok

PS:- you can also have both gdm and kdm installed and choose one of them to be the default by using update-alternatives command.


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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