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Re: New post install tidbits?

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 15:37:22 -0500
Chinook <chinook.nr@tds.net> wrote:

> Old thread was getting a little cluttered :-)
> I'm back to a KDE GUI at the desired resolutions. Thanks for all your help.
> "But the picky ol fart must not be happy yet" your thinking :-)
> Yep, I have the session KDE GUI the way I want it, but I get there from 
> a Gnome login screen and I can't shutdown from such without entering the 
> root password.
> When I stepped in it before, part of the problem was probably that I was 
> switching around between gdm/xdm/kdm/whatever so I'm reluctant to play 
> with such.  Anyway, I just need a simple login screen that is either KDE 
> or the Xwhatever behind KDE and not a separate Gnome login, and I want 
> to be able to select "shutdown" from such without having to enter the 
> root password.  Is that too much to ask?
> Hope you-all are having a great holiday,
> Lee C

The login screen is provided by either gdm/kdm/xdm (these are desktop managers). The alternative would be to login at console and start your session manually (run startx from console).

The root password is required due to security reasons. This should be configurable, but you must dig into the options of gdm/kdm/xdm whichever you decide to use (if you want to have a GUI login screen). Alternatively you could use sudo to shutdown without password. You would only need to run a command like 'sudo reboot' 'sudo halt' for which you could create desktop icons or menu entries. Maybe ther's a more 'clickable' way to do this, but i'm not very familiar with all KDE options (to bloated for my poor PIII-800). The KDE Control Center would be my best guess to start digging.

Andrei Popescu

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