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Re: post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]

thierry wrote:

Well, the checksum staff is only for futur update. It wont update if you don,t givze it the sum in some ways I have forgoten, but you can get that thru man I believe. But did you try, and retry... dpkg-reconfigure with the GUI not running, to set different video driver until you get one that does the job as you want? I went thru the same problem last week and managed to solve it. I remember I did not get the same result if I was using medium or advence to set the video. And I went more than once from advance to medium to advence, and it finally worked.


I got it all going again :-) I know it's using the higher resolution now but I can't (re)find where in the KDE GUI settings the resolution can be changed to check that :-( It's late and I'm brain dead - I'm going to bed.

Happy holidays,
Lee C

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