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Re: Replacement suggestions for konsole, kate, kcalc

On Saturday, 24 December 2005 at 15:13:38 -0600, Adam Fabian wrote:
> konsole: xterm + screen
> kate: xemacs
> kcalc: gnu calc, xcalc, bc, dc
> Xterm + screen won't give you clickable tabs, but if you use
> 'hardstatus alwayslastline %w', and change your shell prompt to modify
> the name of the window, you have something better and faster than
> clickable tabs, truthfully.

I've always used vi(m) and never managed to learn emacs, but I agree
about xterm and xcalc.  I do sympathise with OP and have tried to avoid
KDE apps ever since I abandoned KDE in favour of icewm (and latterly
wmaker).  But I have never found anything to match kate.  Nedit Kedit
Gedit Xedit, Nano, don't come near -- though I use whichever of those is
handy in preference when doing simple tasks.  I have started to use vim
and its plugins increasingly recently (and to learn a bit more of it --
I was using only about 10% of its power if that).  

I moved from Kile to Texmaker for the same reason, but in the end there
are some shortcomings in Texmaker and a couple of Really Useful extras
in Kile (especially bracket matching), so I've reverted to Kile too.
Just cannot get away from DCOP...


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