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Re: Replacement suggestions for konsole, kate, kcalc

konsole: xterm + screen
kate: xemacs
kcalc: gnu calc, xcalc, bc, dc

Xterm + screen won't give you clickable tabs, but if you use
'hardstatus alwayslastline %w', and change your shell prompt to modify
the name of the window, you have something better and faster than
clickable tabs, truthfully.

Emacs is the granddaddy of powerful editors.  You'll never want for a
feature in kate, including windowing features.  Even without a GUI
(which is available.)  It takes a little bit of an investment in time
to learn it, but as far as I'm concerned, Emacs is the killer
application.  (And you thought it was email selling computers.)

GNU Calc is available in emacs with M-#.  xcalc is part of X, and kind
of similar to kcalc at my first glance.  dc is an RPN calculator at
your command prompt, with no GUI, and bc is an 'arbitrary precision
calculator language'.  bc and dc are standard packages, already
sitting there waiting to be used.

Good luck finding replacements!

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