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Re: post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]

> Andrei Popescu:  I can't find a "splashy" package - at least in Synaptic.

It's in experimental ;) (i'm running unstable)

> > 3)  How do I put the monitor (only) to sleep after say 10 minutes of
> > inactivity.  On my Mac I do this with an Energy Saver setting and also
> > did it on the PC when it had Windoze (about the only thing it did well :-)
> I tried Gnome screensaver settings - blank screen works of course but 
> does not reduce power (monitor power green light stays on instead of 
> flashing yellow).  If I set no screensaver then the screen never blanks 
> - duh :-)
> The settings in /etc/console-tools/config again have no effect.
> I did notice that BIOS has APM enabled (and ACPI seems to be an 
> extension of such), but in the boot config menu file APM=m (???) and 
> there is a slew of settings for ACPI.  Could this be part of the problem?

ACPI is the (supposedly better) replacement of APM. APM support should be more mature, ACPI should have more features. AFAIK you cannot run both. In either case you need at least the apmd or the acpid package installed. There are some CLI clients (apm, acpitool) and some daemons to control the timers. I only use cpudyn, to spin down the hdd (it's main function is CPU throttling).


P.S. I hope you don't mind the CC (it got added automatically by my client). If you do just say so, i'll remove it next time :)

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