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Re: post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]

Chinook wrote:
post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]

"She who must be obeyed" is happy with her Thunderbird, Firefox and card
games, but not overjoyed with my Gaelic naming scheme.

Whoops, spoke too soon. She is missing "hearts" that she plays with her uum friends*. I thought I found it as part of a package called "floater," but when I bring it up it only has bridge :-( Anyway, after I installed it, it did not show up in a menu? I found it with the file browser and can double click it, but even after a restart it is not in a menu??? Then there is the question that if it does not include hearts I'll figure out how to can it (false advertising?). *OT At my point in life the old men sit around and talk about the weather and the old women sit around and talk about the old men :-)

I'm not ready to
put up GNUstep yet, but I am going to try to get BOINC going again on
the PC before I get back to my Mac development.  No point in wasting all
that idle time.

I put up GNUstep, but have not had time to check it out yet.

Andrew M.A. Cater: I checked the various BOINC and client boards and there are a lot of participants running the new BOINC on the latest stable Debian. There does seem to be some classic S@H people that are disgruntled - not something I want to get into :-)

There are three little items I have not been able to resolve yet though,
and would appreciate any pointers:

1)  When booting up, can the keyboard Num Lock be defaulted to On?  I
keep forgetting to hit the Num Lock key before any digits in passwords
and it's an unconscious habit to use the number pad rather than the top
row of the character  section of the keyboard.

Yes there is a BIOS setting and BIOS turns it on, but ??? turns it off before one gets to the login. /etc/console-tools/config has no effect.

I did find the mentioned numlockx package and installed it. It's a CLI tool, so in what script where would I employ it*?

*OT Careful what you're thinking - this old man ain't completely brain dead :-)) and I have searched though obviously not enough :-(

2)  I have my BIOS quieted, but Grub (I guess) is rather verbose.  I
changed the setting in etc/default/rcS to VERBOSE=no but it doesn't seem
to make any difference :-(  Is there a way to quiet the Linux boot?

MJD: I guess your comment to add "quiet splash" to the kernel command line in the grub config file is too general. Maybe if you would note the file path and line number within the file, I might be able to catch up with you :-) I found what I thought was the file but could not see where to edit it.

Andrei Popescu:  I can't find a "splashy" package - at least in Synaptic.

3)  How do I put the monitor (only) to sleep after say 10 minutes of
inactivity.  On my Mac I do this with an Energy Saver setting and also
did it on the PC when it had Windoze (about the only thing it did well :-)

I tried Gnome screensaver settings - blank screen works of course but does not reduce power (monitor power green light stays on instead of flashing yellow). If I set no screensaver then the screen never blanks - duh :-)

The settings in /etc/console-tools/config again have no effect.

I did notice that BIOS has APM enabled (and ACPI seems to be an extension of such), but in the boot config menu file APM=m (???) and there is a slew of settings for ACPI. Could this be part of the problem?

Thank you for your patience,
Lee C

Twice over,
Lee C

PS: I also meant to ask if one could switch back and forth between Gnome and KDE. Rather than ask what the advantages are <b>to me</b>, I was thinking of seeing for myself what KDE is like :-)

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