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Re: Can't switch to virtual console anymore

On 22 Dec 2005, Peter Jay Salzman wrote:


> Problem solved.  It turned out to be "one of those warnings I recognized."
> For years, X complained that there was no XkbVariant named "Microsoft" in
> response to the line:
>    Section "InputDevice"
>       ...
>       Option      "XkbVariant"  "Microsoft"
>       ...
>    EndSection
> I'm not sure when that line appeared in my config file.  Quite possibly back
> when I was using Suse 6.1, way before I switched to Debian.  I guess I just
> "toted" the config file around, and only changed mode, horiz and vertical
> timings when configuring a new system.
> The warning didn't have any adverse effect, and I always promised myself to
> look into it when time permitted me to delve into learning the nitty gritty
> details of keyboards under X.
> There always seemed to be more pressing issues.  And besides, it's difficult
> to get excited about learning details of keyboards under X.  It seems more
> complicated than it ought to be.  And dry.
> Short story is, that line always caused a benign warning.
> Since I was (potentially) having trouble with the keyboard, I started to
> scrutinize the X output, even looking at things which I didn't think had
> relevence to the problem at hand.  That trained my eye on the warning.
> I'm not sure what got upgraded yesterday, but whatever it was, that warning
> apparently was no longer benign.  I removed the XbdVariant, and now
> everything is back to normal.
> Pete

This is not the only possible cause. In my case what was needed was to
include the following line under "InputDevice" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

	 Option		"XkbDisable"    "true"

No idea why.


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