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Re: post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]

On Fri, Dec 23, 2005 at 03:25:56AM -0500, Chinook wrote:
> Chinook wrote:
> >post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]
> ><snip>
> Whoops, spoke too soon.  She is missing "hearts" that she plays with her 
>  uum friends*.  I thought I found it as part of a package called 
> "floater,"  but when I bring it up it only has bridge :-(  Anyway, after 
Linux hearts card game on Google shows two good entries at the top.

One appears to be a project started this year: the other is about 9
years old on freshmeat. Those might be a good start to look at.
> I installed it, it did not show up in a menu?  I found it with the file 
> browser and can double click it, but even after a restart it is not in a 
> menu???  Then there is the question that if it does not include hearts 
> I'll figure out how to can it (false advertising?).

Menu system not infallible: is it under Debian -> apps -> games or
entertainment?  To remove a package - apt-get remove floater

> Andrew M.A. Cater:  I checked the various BOINC and client boards and 
> there are a lot of participants running the new BOINC on the latest 
> stable Debian.  There does seem to be some classic S@H people that are 
> disgruntled - not something I want to get into :-)
Good - glad you can get it going :)

> >
> >There are three little items I have not been able to resolve yet though,
> >and would appreciate any pointers:
> >
> >1)  When booting up, can the keyboard Num Lock be defaulted to On?  I
> >keep forgetting to hit the Num Lock key before any digits in passwords
> >and it's an unconscious habit to use the number pad rather than the top
> >row of the character  section of the keyboard.
> Yes there is a BIOS setting and BIOS turns it on, but ??? turns it off 
> before one gets to the login.  /etc/console-tools/config has no effect.
> I did find the mentioned numlockx package and installed it.  It's a CLI 
> tool,  so in what script where would I employ it*?
numlockx - works under X windows : if you start it in your X session
start up scripts, then you'd have full numlock control if working in X.
[Doesn't work for command line in a virtual terminal as far as I can
see.] I still think it's probably a BIOS setting overall / a
console-tools setting.

> *OT  Careful what you're thinking - this old man ain't completely brain 
> dead :-))  and I have searched though obviously not enough :-(
> the file path and line number within the file, I might be able to catch 
> up with you :-)  I found what I thought was the file but could not see 
> where to edit it.
Start with /boot/grub/menu.lst perhaps? Not sure here.

> I tried Gnome screensaver settings - blank screen works of course but 
> does not reduce power (monitor power green light stays on instead of 
> flashing yellow).  If I set no screensaver then the screen never blanks 
> - duh :-)
> The settings in /etc/console-tools/config again have no effect.
> I did notice that BIOS has APM enabled (and ACPI seems to be an 
> extension of such), but in the boot config menu file APM=m (???) and 
> there is a slew of settings for ACPI.  Could this be part of the problem?
modprobe apm ; aptitude install apmd ? [Or similarly for acpi] ??

> ><snip>
> >Thank you for your patience,
> >Lee C
> >
> Twice over,
> Lee C
> PS:  I also meant to ask if one could switch back and forth between 
> Gnome and KDE.  Rather than ask what the advantages are <b>to me</b>, I 
> was thinking of seeing for myself what KDE is like :-)
If you have a boot manager (gdm/kdm) running - select under Session

All the best,


[Someone presumably used to British English, I can't imagine a non-Brit
referring to themselves as an old fart :) ]

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